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Deutschland/Nord Garmin Map
28.11.16 17:06
Deutschland/Nord Garmin Map

I hope it is allright to write in english, I dont write very well in german.

I downloaded the Deutschland/Nord map and it runs great on my Garmin etrex30.

I would like to split out Denmark from the map.

And tryed doing it my self in Garmin MapSource.

I successfully took the tiles out for Denmark and transmitted the img mapfile to my etrex, but the map did not show on the etrex.

If anyone could show me how to do it, or create the map for me I would be very thankful.

28.11.16 19:30

Re: Deutschland/Nord Garmin Map

Hello AJN,

do you really use map source. This is a old software from the year 2010. Try to use the new version Base Camp.
It is available for Mac and Windows.

Here is the german link:
But I think you need a english one. Try this

May your problem is fixed.

Gruß mtbbiker99
(Garmin GPSmap64s)

Zuletzt bearbeitet am 28.11.16 19:33

28.11.16 19:33

Re: Deutschland/Nord Garmin Map

I have made a map of Denmark for you, you can dowload here The map is available for five days, then i will delete. The map is made with Garmin Basecamp and Garmin MapInstall. You must put the map into the folder \Garmin, otherwise she could not found by the Handheld.
Günter from Germany (near by Nuremberg)
--- hope, you can understand my english ---

29.11.16 14:53
Re: Deutschland/Nord Garmin Map

mtbbiker99: I could not figure it out with Basecamp, that is why I did it with MapSource

guegafue: The map runs great, Thank you very much

I figured out the problem, with two files of Nops Wanderkarte on the sd-card made a conflict on the etrex 30

29.11.16 18:01

Re: Deutschland/Nord Garmin Map

See FAQ 2.11 , it is a known problem:

2.11 Ich habe mehrere Karten auf dem PC/Garmin Gerät installiert, sehe aber nur einen Eintrag.
Es gibt nur vier Karten: Deutschland & Nachbarn, Westeuropa, Osteuropa und die Inselkarte. Alle anderen Karten sind nur Ausschnitte dieser Karten. Mehrere Ausschnitte aus derselben Karte können in Basecamp oder Mapsource nicht voneinander unterschieden werden. Wenn Du mehrere Gebiete brauchst mußt Du die jeweilige Gesamtkarte installieren.

2.11 I have installed more than one map on PC/Handheld, but iI see only one entry.
There are only four maps Deutschland & Nachbarn, Westeuropa, Osteuropa und die Inselkarte. All other maps are clippings from these maps. More than one clipping from the same map cannot differ in Basecamp or MapSource. If you need more than one area from a map, you must install the whole map.
Gruß Günter

29.11.16 22:41
Re: Deutschland/Nord Garmin Map

Thanks for that information

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