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Problem mit Ijser (Belgium) Fluss
18.01.17 09:24
Problem mit Ijser (Belgium) Fluss

Ich bemerkte ein Problem mit der Karte Nordfrankreich 16-11 (false) nach Norden Frankreich 16-2 Karte (korrekt) mit der Fluss Ijser. Der Ijzer Fluss (Belgium) bewegt.
A bald.

19.01.17 21:04

Re: Problem mit Ijser (Belgium) Fluss

Hallo blondeau59360,

Deine Problemdarstellung ist etwas unverständlich. Den Fluss Ijser konnte ich leider nicht finden. Bitte gebe die Koordinaten an.

Gruß mtbbiker99
(Garmin GPSmap64s)

p.s: Falls Du aus dieser Region kommst, kannst Du natürlich auch auf englisch schreiben. (write the problem in english, please)

Zuletzt bearbeitet am 19.01.17 21:09

21.01.17 09:33
Re: Problem mit Ijser (Belgium) Fluss

The plan of the river IJzer ( Belgium) in the map 16.11 is false and is divide into halves (Gap of drawing) with regard to the map 16.2 which is correct as the previous ones.

At the beginning of the river Ijser N 50 53.553 E 2 44.765 (false) in place of N 50 57.408 E 2 44.216 (correct) and so on.
Example a little farther, by following the course of the river: N 50 53.820 E 2 48.069 (false) in place of N 50 57.676 E 2 47.438 (correct) and so on.

23.01.17 19:27
Re: Problem mit Ijser (Belgium) Fluss

Salut blondeau59360,

The "false" coordinates "N 50 53.553 E 2 44.765" you mentioned, don't even come close to the river IJzer / L'Yser. The position is north of Poperinge
N 50 57.408 E 2 44.216 is a position near Fintele but is is not the beginning / spring of the river IJzer. The sping is here

There are several reasons, why a river is devided into sections.
For example: At the very beginning, there is a section, where the IJzer is just tagged as a stream. Then there is the next section where the IJzer goes under the railway. The different sections of the river have just different characteristics, so it is necessary to divide rivers (or other ways, like roads).

If you want to have a look at the complete river, you have to use the relation

23.01.17 23:31


Re: Problem mit Ijser (Belgium) Fluss


thanks for pointing out the problem. It seems that about 3 months ago the user banda1 added some completely nonsensical river data and damaged the OSM database with that.

The nonsense data has been deleted, but unfortunately it was still there when I built my map. Everything will be fixed in the next version.

bye, Nop

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