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Denmark Map
02.05.17 12:08
Denmark Map

Hello you all

A friendly member of this forum (guegafue) was so kind to made me a map of Denmark a while ago, but unfortunately my sd-card is now broke, an I stupidly had not made a back-up copy :-(

Could I yet again ask for someone kindly to make me a map of Denmark, please ;-) or tell me how to do it myself.

Thanks in advance :-)

02.05.17 14:13


Re: Denmark Map

Denmark is included in the map "Deuschland/Nord" which you can simply download here:

bye, Nop

02.05.17 18:21
Re: Denmark Map

Yes I know that, but a map with only containing Denmark was made by a member for me earlier and that is what I would like to ask for again :-)

Or else someone show/tell me how to do it my self. I have tried to do it my self with BaseCamp without luck.

03.05.17 11:11

Re: Denmark Map

Hello AJN,
I'm generating the map now. It will take a few minutes, I'll send you the link later.
If you will generate the map yourself, you need the following steps
1. download Deutschland/ Nord
2. unzip it, afterwords you have a folder with 3 files gmapsupp.img, lizenz.txt and ms_setup.exe
3. install the map in Basecamp
4. start Basecamp and link your etrex via USB
5. use the menu Karten (map?) and click Karten installieren (map install?)
6. the Garmin sub-programm MapInstall starts
7. click continue
8. mark the map Nops Wanderkarte Nord
9. click erweiterte/teilweise Installation in the next screen (I don't know, what is the text in Englisch-Version of MapInstall)
10. click continue and mark the parts of the map, who are in Denmark (all marked parts must have a black frame)
11. click continue and the map of Denmark will be send to your etrex
12. save the map Nops_Wanderkarte_Nord.img from your handheld to your computer

Now the upload is ready, you can download the map from here the download is available until May, 10

Be happy


Zuletzt bearbeitet am 03.05.17 11:13

03.05.17 16:37
Re: Denmark Map

Thank you very much :-)

Your tutorial works great, now I can do it my self, it is actually very easy, when you know how to do it ;-)

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